5 Tips for Your First Driving Lessons in Brisbane

If you are about to have your first driving lesson, you’re probably feeling a little bit nervous. Driving is an essential skill that can take years to master – but most of us don’t want to wait that long! This article will share some tips on preparing for your driving lessons in Brisbane so that you feel more confident and ready before you even get behind the wheel.

driving-lessons-in-brisbaneTip One: It’s essential to have a plan for your driving lesson. Figure out what road or area you want to practice on, and find out if there are any restrictions (i.e. off-limit areas) before you get started. If not, then go ahead and set the boundaries where they should be – this will help limit distractions during your first driving lesson!

Tip Two: Always remember that lessons can only happen when the weather is clear! So don’t worry about booking an emergency appointment in case of rain unless it starts pouring right as you’re signing up with the school. Rainy days means no lessons until next time!

Tip Three: Dress comfortably but appropriately for driving instruction like jeans or sweatpants rather than tight clothes or skirts. Don’t forget to wear glasses if you naturally wear one.

Tip Four: Remember that your instructor will be giving you a lot of feedback during the lesson, so make sure to take notes! This way, you can review everything they tell you, and it’ll help reinforce good habits when driving again on your own.

Tip Five: Turn off your phone or any other electronic to make sure you dont get distracted while taking your driving lessons. Distracted drivers are more likely than average drivers to cause accidents, according to research from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Bonus Tip

Bring a bottle of water with you to your driving lesson. That way, you will keep yourself hydrated, which is a positive for your brain and body. Also, remember to always wear a seat belt, even if you are not driving yet.

Booking Your Lessons

The most important thing that you can do before your first driving lessons in Brisbane is booking your lessons. Booking your driving lessons and ensuring a slot in your preferred driving school will ensure that you’re prepared and committed to driving daily. It will also be less stressful for everyone involved.

You should also find out what location your car company has because they may differ from other companies near where you live. This way, if there’s an emergency or delay from either party, at least one of them knows exactly where to go without having any trouble finding each other again! 


These are the core tips and information that you need to know about your first driving lessons. From how to book them, what you should wear and what to expect on the first day — everything’s covered. So what are you waiting for? Book your driving course now and make the most out of it. Good luck!