Your Plastic Surgeon May Has the Solution For You

Eyelid surgery, sometimes called blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure intended to improve your eyes’ appearance and repair eye asymmetry, congenital facial defects, and other aesthetic deformities of the eyelid. The word blepharoplasty comes from Greek, meaning “to change colour”, and plastikos, meaning “to mould.” Blepharoplasty is sometimes performed in conjunction with corneal surgery to correct the shape and size of your eyes. Blepharoplasty may also be done to improve the strength of the eyelids, restore elasticity, or promote healing of the conjunctiva, which is the tissue that protects your eye tissues. Patients who have undergone Blepharoplasty surgery can expect an almost immediate improvement in their appearance; however, modifications will not last forever. Visit for more details.


Your eyelid surgery Adelaide specialist will perform the procedure while you are under local anesthesia in an office-based surgery suite. You will remain awake during the process, so you will need to follow the post-surgical instructions given by your surgeon carefully. The cost of the treatment can vary depending on a patient’s overall health, overall appearance, age, the severity of their case, and the extent of their surgical history. In general, patients are treated in a range of ways depending on their condition. Your surgeon will discuss these details with you before the surgery.


The eyelid blepharoplasty surgery typically produces significant side effects. However, these can usually be overcome with eyeglasses, makeup, or other forms of correction. The degree of discipline your eye doctor determines will depend on the overall health of both you and your eyelids. You must consult with a plastic surgeon regarding any areas of concern in your eyelid area, particularly if you smoke, have any past surgeries, or are a smoker. These are all factors that can impact your eyelid blepharoplasty surgery. Visit for more details.


Another common issue in eyelid surgery Adelaide patients experience is excessive drooping eyelids. This happens when the muscles within the eyelid begin to sag and pull the lower lid down, eventually pulling it up and out of place. This often occurs when a patient suffers from excess weight gain, wrinkles, excessive facial or neck muscle drooping, excessive facial or neck skin loosening, or any other factor that weakens the eyelids over time. Eyelid drooping is most common in older patients, especially those who have lost a large amount of weight.


Eyelid surgical procedures typically involve replacing excess upper eyelid skin and/or the complete removal of excess lower eyelid skin and muscle, as well as the tightening or repositioning of weak muscles within the eyelid area. The tightening or repositioning of these muscles will ultimately increase the amount of downward eye movement and light available for viewing purposes during the day. If you suffer from excessive drooping eyelids, you may also benefit from eyelid surgery Adelaide cosmetic enhancement services to help improve your overall appearance. Your doctor can discuss the available options to enhance your appearance before any surgical steps are taken. During your consultation, your doctor will determine if the surgical steps you are interested in can work for your specific situation and needs. Visit for more details.