Tips When Replacing a Glass Sliding Door

If your sliding glass door has become loose or even broken, it may be time to consider replacing it. Replacing your sliding glass doors can be an easy way to add new appeal and functionality to your home and improve your home’s energy efficiency. The typical cost to replace a new sliding glass door is around $1,500 -3,500 depending on the style of glass, the door’s type, and any repairs needed. To save money and find a sliding glass door that fits your needs and style, there are a few things you should know before you begin your quest for a replacement door.

One reason to replace your Sliding Doors Adelaide is that it no longer slides as quickly as it did when it was brand new. Your sliding door frame has probably been taking a beating from all the traffic and weather conditions your home has experienced over the years. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to slide in your door only to have it stick and make noise. Also, excessive heat and cold from the sun can cause your door frame to warp and weaken over time.


Another reason to replace your existing glass sliding door is that it no longer slides as quickly as it once did. This is commonly seen with older framed doors that have not had their frames replaced. If your door frame has received minimal wear, installing a new structure to cover the damaged area may be necessary. Installing a new frame to cover the damaged area will make your door opening and closing as smooth and efficient as possible. Using a silicone sealant, you will be able to ensure that your door opener does not have to work so hard.

There are other reasons to install a new French patio door. If your existing patio door has a vinyl coating on it, you may find that this layer has become damaged. A simple replacement will provide you with a glass sliding door that slides as quickly as your current patio door. Replacing your old patio door with a newer model with a glass sliding door that slides is also an excellent idea.

The last step of installing a French sliding door is installing a plastic clip around the doorway’s bottom edge. The purpose of this clip is to prevent debris from entering the track system of your French opening. To add to the security of your home, you can also install a head stop to prevent anyone from being able to open the door from the inside. Installing a new head stop will also give you added security because it will prevent anyone from entering if they have to work or climb up a ladder.

Many homeowners question how much a French sliding glass door replacement cost. In most cases, the charge is much less than replacing an entire traditional sliding glass door. The most important part of a French door replacement cost is the cost of replacement glass. This is typically about two to three times more expensive than a standard sliding glass door. In many cases, it is also necessary to install new locks on your door. These locks do not come cheap, so you might want to click to find more prices before choosing the locks you want.

Homeowners tend to forget about when they are installing Sliding Doors Adelaide replacement cost is the frame damage that occurs to the house after it is installed. A significant problem that can occur after the new door is installed is called a sill jam. This is a small crack in the sill that can develop if excess pressure is applied to the sill during the door’s opening and closing. The best way to avoid sills jam is to make sure that no objects can hit the sill while you are opening and closing the door. It is sporadic for a sill jam to develop on an installed French door, but if it does, you must take care not to apply excessive pressure to the sill, or it could crack and weaken the frame of the door.

Another way to save money on a French sliding glass door replacement cost is to avoid installing a new panel. If you know where the panel goes, you can pre-drill the fasteners’ holes into the existing panel. You will need to use slightly more force when installing the fasteners into the panel than you would typically need to install the fasteners into the door’s frame. Once the pre-drilled holes are drilled, you can install the new panel into place and screw it into place with special screws. This saves you a lot of time and money since you do not have to pre-drill any more holes than are needed to install the fasteners.