Advantages of a Solar Electric System

A solar power system, also simply a PV system or solar energy system, is an integrated system designed to provide usable solar power to a home using solar photovoltaics, which are solar cells used to convert solar energy into other forms. The most common solar cells used in a PV system are crystalline silicon, which has many advantages over traditional semiconductors such as gallium arsenide. Crystalline | cells} Since crystalline silicon is extremely pure, it is highly effective at converting photons in sunlight into electricity. The crystals are constructed so that electrons become excited and jump to an orbital level when light strikes them, thus creating electricity. The more crystalline solar cells there are, the more electricity generated. However, some solar cells use an approach called active systems, in which several electrons from each crystal are bound together with the help of an electrochemical reaction. This method produces a small amount of electricity.

Solar System AdelaideThe market for solar power systems today is huge and growing very fast. Many manufacturers have flooded the market with solar energy panels of various types, suitable for every home. In addition, many consumers use the available technologies to build their solar energy systems at a low cost.

Many homes today are using completely home-built Solar System Adelaide. The most important part of such a system is the solar panels, which gather the sunlight and convert it into energy. The next step involves the integration of the electrical appliances that need to be connected to the panels. Then the final step is the connection of the inverter, which helps convert the DC power produced by the power systems into AC power.

An inverter is used to modify the DC produced by the solar power system to make it suitable for electric appliances. The basic inverters work. They change the DC current produced to AC current, and this procedure is repeated. One can find residential as well as commercial electricity inverters. However, there are certain types of inverters, which are more suited for home use. The simplest residential inverter operates based on direct current (DC), meaning that it requires an inverter circuit to be added to the solar panel to convert the DC power into alternating current (AC).

Another significant advantage of using residential solar power systems by Solar System Adelaide is that one does not have to rely on the utility grid for electricity, thereby saving on expensive electricity bills. One can also store extra electricity generated from one’s solar electric system in battery banks, which can be used when the utilities are down. One can even sell excess electricity to the utility grid, thus earning extra money. However, one should remember that most states do not allow direct selling of electricity to the utilities.