How to Choose the Right Tiles

Article 24

Do you have a vision of the perfect bathroom for you and your loved one? Well, fear not! Today, there are so many options for choosing tiles that narrowing down the options has never been easier. Choose Your Glow-factor. What do you envision will be the focal point of your bathroom when you enter the room?

– glow factor. Visualise a glass floor filled with glowing, sparkling tiles! Would you feel like that? Perhaps a tiled bar counter would work for you, or maybe a pedestal sink filled with smaller tiles Adelaide surrounding a stone Buddha would work. There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the right colour and texture of tiles for your new bathroom.

– small tiles. If you’re on a tight budget, small tiles will give you the look of large marble pieces without breaking your bank. In addition, small mosaic tiles will give your floor instant character and can easily be integrated into a larger floor tile design. Take a cue from interior designers and choose small tiles that mirror certain textures or patterns found in the room you’re working with. An easy way to do this is to mimic a pattern from your favourite decorative suite, such as the timeless elegance of marble or the playful nature of wood finished with wrought iron grouting.

– neutral colours. With so many tiles Adelaide colours available today, your floor and wall options are nearly limitless. You don’t need to choose your tiles based solely on the colours you love; instead, pick a few basic colours that will work well together. It will ensure you stay within your budget and still get the vibrant appeal of several different types of tiles in one room.

– Accent tiles. Feature tiles are an excellent way to add visual interest to a design. They can make an area seem larger and bigger by creating a focal point, but they can also help break up solid walls and even make a space seem bigger overall. To choose the right accent tile for your space, consider what features you’d like to see there as well as the kind of colour and material you’re willing to pay for them.

– Tub and shower tiles. The tub and shower are a functional part of your bathroom’s design, but you want it to feel luxurious too. It is where choosing tiles becomes particularly important. Tiles that are glazed and ceramic can be very smooth and elegant. Or you could go with porcelain or another natural material like stone. Ceramic tiles can also help you get that luxurious feel without adding a lot of weight, especially if you’re choosing slabs that sit on top of your bathtub.

– Flooring. If you’re looking to emphasise a particular feature of your room, such as a door or windows, consider the flooring options available to you. For example, laminate flooring is becoming quite popular, and it’s an extremely inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring. Or think about tiling with large glass tiles that will allow light to flood over your floor and into your home. Whatever you decide, make sure that your flooring can stand up to whatever features you’re choosing.

When choosing tiles for your bathroom, don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, if you have a tub and shower that you love, you might not have a problem choosing ceramic tiles that look like stone. On the other hand, if you prefer carpet in your bathroom, don’t be afraid to select a patterned carpet instead of smooth, shiny ceramic tiles. As long as you keep your eyes open and are prepared to spend some time searching, you should have no trouble finding the best bathroom tiles that suit your taste.