Mobile Auto Wrecking Cars

Car wreckers are highly skilled mechanics that dismantle old, unusable, junk vehicles from individuals and completely refit them for new, usable car parts. This job requires more than just one person or team that owns their workshops. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, and attention to detail to do this job correctly. For this reason, they will often take on small jobs, such as tuning up a golf cart or installing a new stereo system, to make sure that they are versatile enough to tackle bigger jobs, like bodywork, for example. If you want an experienced mechanic to help you with any auto repair issue, here are some tips for finding a good professional car wrecker.


There are many sources you can turn to when looking for professional auto wreckers like Wreckers Adelaide @ParadiseAuto. Many car wreckers have their websites these days. In addition to looking online for them, ask your friends and family members where they get their cars fixed. If they have experience with any professionals in your local area, ask them about the shop or mechanic they used. Chances are, if they had a great experience, it is not likely that they would recommend the shop or mechanic to use again.

When searching for professional auto wrecker assistance, you should think about the cost. You are probably looking to save as much money as possible. The quality of work is another thing to consider. Professional wreckers will spend the most time giving you a free estimate of the repairs, followed by giving you a written estimate. If they give you a written estimate, it is much better than an estimate provided by someone who didn’t even bother to come to the house.

Most importantly, get an estimate from more than just one shop or professional. This way, you can be sure that the estimates offered are in line with each other. The shops and professionals offering you the most affordable price offer you comparable services.

Some car wreckers earn income by selling used car parts to owners of classic cars. These are cars that are several years old and still in good shape but may need repairs. The parts can be sold for low prices, and the auto wrecker gets a little bit of extra cash for their trouble. If you can find a mechanic who is selling used parts at a very low price, you may be able to buy all or even most of what you need for a decent price.

If you can’t find an auto wrecker in your area that will give you a fair quote on the repairs, some mechanics will help you shop around for the best price. They will go to your house, look over the car and let you know what they think the best price should be. If the quote seems too good to be true, you may want to consider asking why they are offering you the price they are. You might be saving money, but getting the best price for the job may mean working with a different car wrecker than you expected.

The best part about these mobile car wreckers in Wreckers Adelaide @ParadiseAuto is that they offer many options for the spare parts they carry. Most offer a wide variety of recycled parts such as OEM, reusable parts, performance and brake pads. Some specialty options include hard-to-find Saturn glass, bulletproof glass, and other rare and valuable parts. So if you haven’t considered recycling your old car parts in years, now is the time to do so!